Kobe beef's Tsuname Temple · Kobe beef tears - Kobe beef course - total 7 items 12000 yen (premium drinking + 3000 yen)
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Course of Kobe beef making.If you want to taste Kobe beef, "at the pine tree".※ This course is only available as premium all-you-can-drink.


● Crape pine special salad

~ Direct purchase from contract farmers, enjoyed fresh vegetables ~

● Kobe Beef Grilled Grilled Red 2

~ Popular! Kobe beef broiled luxuriously ... ... ~

● Today's fresh fish sashimi

~ Fresh fish of the day, fresh fish adapted to the season is offered ~

● Kobe beef steak

~ Soft, like melting on the tongue when put in the mouth, mellow taste ~

Sukiyaki set (6 kinds of meat & vegetables) or special-made sesame dumplings Shabu-shabu

~ Sukiyaki with Kobe beef.Compatibility with special-made split is outstanding.Shabu shabu also ~

● Pouring a cow's octopus

~ Sweet taste and rich taste and rich taste and creamy texture ~

● dessert

※ Contents change by purchase.

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  • Kobe beef's octopus shuffle · Kobe beef tears - Kobe beef course course -
    All seven items 12000 yen (premium drinking + 3000 yen)

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